About Us

World Link of Churches and Ministries, Inc. is not a denomination. It is an Association of Churches inspired by the Spirit of Unity to provide Churches and Church Leaders a platform for growth and achievements. 
We acknowledge and support the use of all of the gifts, ministries and functions given to the New Testament Church to establish the purpose of God in the earth. At WLCM everyone is someone.  Your voice is heard, your visions  respected and your success is important to the body of Christ.
If you feel a witness within your spirit concerning the end-time Move of God, the gathering together of Churches and Ministries to become one body, please contact us for more information. We welcome you to join us. 





“Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counsel there is safety.” Prov. 11:14

We at WLCM view ourselves as a support system for our members churches and the church community, including ministries and individuals in service to ministries.  There are many areas of support that members derive from the WLCM concept of church family unity.

We offer spiritual support, secular support,relationships, fellowship, missions, conventions, and other forms of direct and indirect support.  All of our support is provided with accountability and integrity.  We deliver support with the highest ethical standards.

However, an important concept we have seen time and time again is that an ethical support system works two ways:  it goes upstream and it goes downstream.  Your church will shine with enthusiasm and the pride of ownership through its affiliation with WLCM.  The badge of distinction your church or ministry will wear from its affiliation with WLCM will open new doors for you.  Experience has shown us that quality associations ensure quality performance.

Through WLCM you will discover that you are not alone.  At your service is an experienced professional network of church support, including accountants, compliance experts, attorneys, specialists, and friends.


WLCM provides Charter Members with the following services

Formal recognition and covering under the WLCM. umbrella.

Licensing and/or Ordination of Charter Members (if desired). Credentials are renewable annually.

Charter Members will have the opportunity to share and promote local events through quarterly newsletters of WLCM.

WLCM representation at special events as requested by Charter Members and Churches.

Advice and/or assistance with regard to church government upon request.
Advice and/or assistance from the Leadership of WLCM for spiritual or personal concerns.
Opportunity to participate in Missions projects (local and foreign), and other events sponsored and/or promoted by WLCM.
Opportunity to link with WLCM members through phone, mail and internet database.
Identification of Christian Consultants to provide organizational, financial, and legal services.
The opportunity to participate in Health, Retirement, and Investment plans.
Accredited Degree Programs through Trinity Christian University.


WLCM’s purpose is to pursue Excellence in Ministry & Integrity.  Excellence is an attitude not obtained but pursued; a drive that is unrelenting in its quest to increase and improve the work for the Kingdom of God. The members must possess an undying passion to lay hold of God’s best. His highest for their lives and ministries.  WLCM requires its members to be of the highest integrity in order to maintain its strength and effectiveness in accomplishing what God has called us to do.  Stand Accountable To God  Based on the Word of God, we stand firm on Hebrews 13:17, as well as Romans 13:1-7.  WLCM is not interested in running anyone’s church or organization.  Our goal is simply to complement your assignment-not to do it for you or tell you how it should be done.  We only make our insight and expertise available.  We will only take a more active role when it is requested.  Submit Application Each interested organization or individual must complete and submit an application package. There is a $100.00 application fee.