Intl. Prelate Apostle Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr

Founder & Overseer


We are a 

World Fellowship Association who promote unity, growth, and the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
A few years ago, the Lord revealed to Apostle Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr.,  the linking together of churches and ministries that desired to impact the world with the power of God.  He revealed to him the coming together of the Five-Fold Ministry Gifts, Ephesians 4:11; a merging of the Five-Fold Anointing.  In this vision Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr. saw a world fellowship association that would promote unity, growth and most importantly the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That vision was World Link of Churches & Ministries, Inc.. For too long ministries have tried to work alone, not being in covenant with other ministries.  God said the days of the “LONE RANGER” in ministry are over.  He showed Dr. Benson that even the largest, single, mega church in the world would never be big enough to make a significant global impact.
God is releasing an end-time anointing upon W.L.C.M. to bring the final restoration to the body of Christ.  Within the next few years Dr. Benson sees God moving throughout the earth to unify His Church.  He sees God breaking down the walls of race, religion and denomination through the revelation that there is only one Body and that all members are equally vital. W.L.C.M. plays a major role in bringing this vision to pass.